Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc. (OVAI) is firmly committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. Injuries and illnesses result in personal suffering, and could cause financial hardships for the employees and their families. They can also affect staffing, which puts additional burdens on fellow employees and has the potential to affect all aspects of this business. Hence, we make a concerted effort to reduce the potential for injuries and illnesses to an absolute minimum.

To accomplish our goal of providing the safest possible working conditions in the field, laboratory, and office, we monitor and appraise the safety performance of every supervisor and employee on a regular basis. Furthermore, internal and external personnel will audit programs and conditions on a regular basis to ensure compliance and to foster improvement.

Employee involvement and communication are essential to the success of our safety program. Therefore, we expect every employee to promptly report any conditions or behaviors that might create a hazard to him or her, and their fellow employees.

OVAI conducts regular safety training for its personnel. This is accomplished, in part, by daily safety briefings, and weekly project-specific reviews.

We will make available other opportunities for communicating safety and health concerns and suggestions through ongoing safety and health training and in-services, periodic employee surveys, contact with safety and health committee members and use of the employee suggestion system.

If an injury or incident should occur, personnel are expected to report it immediately. This allows OVAI to seek proper and immediate medical attention.

A safe and healthy work environment is vital to the well-being of our staff. It allows us to provide consistent, high-quality services to our clients. We encourage teamwork and expect all staff to enthusiastically participate in this process.


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